AnthonyAnthony Parmiter is a very engaging and charismatic speaker who brings the subject to life with a number of colourful illustrations from his own varied career.

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has many years of experience in financial and general management. Not only has he been a Financial Director of a number of companies, but he has also been a Managing Director of two PLC’s during reconstruction periods and has consequently, had direct experience of a number of relatively rare situations.

He has an excellent grasp of the basic accounting techniques and is particularly strong in the area of financial management – and the disciplines and controls required to ensure a company achieves and maintains a sound financial base. He also understands the difficulties that non-financial managers face dealing with financial information and jargon.

His financial awareness programmes explain clearly, and without frills, the significance and implications of financial information, so that managers can understand the need for, and identify with, the financial goals of their company.

In recent years he has concentrated on finance training and has designed and delivered a whole range of innovative workshops on financial awareness. These programmes are specifically designed for technical and non-financial managers who really need to know what the figures mean and how they can use them to improve performance.