Business Finance for Senior Managers/Directors

A Two-Day Programme for Senior Executives


  • The legal perspective
  • The business environment
  • The business cycle
  • Financial information review
  • Director’s responsibilities
  • The City

Financial Strategy

  • Financial control
  • Planning
  • Developing strategy
  • Sources of funds
  • Shareholder value
  • Cashflow management

Financial analysis

  • Reading the statutory report and accounts
  • Measurements

Project appraisal

  • Evaluating projects
  • Techniques
  • Cost of capital
  • Risk management

Company valuation

  • Methods
  • Financing
  • The City perspective

Corporate failure

  • The signs
  • Famous corpses
  • Learning from history
  • Pre & post course quizzes and Case Studies throughout

The programme is dealt with very much from a strategic point of view, examining the factors that businesses have to consider constantly. The effects of inflation, interest rates and currency movements will be a thread, as will the influence of financial markets, legislation and political events in addition to particular market places.

The programme will ensure a high degree of participation throughout so that delegates are able to put their point of view and absorb and examine the topics covered in the day.


This programme aims to ensure that the participants on the programme will:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of the financial impact of strategic decisions
  • Identify and appreciate what makes good financial stewardship
  • Recognise what impacts upon financial performance and identify appropriate strategies
  • Understand how financial institutions assess organisations
  • Have an appreciation of how companies are valued

NB: Participants should already have a grasp of basic financial information, and be familiar withy the common ratios used by most business, although the basics are briefly reviewed during the introductory module.