The Financial Facts of Life (Finance for non-financial Managers) – 2 days  Details

This is our most popular programme. I have had a good deal of success in improving companies’ profitability and cashflow through this programme. It concentrates, in a very practical way, on cost control and margin improvement, as well as highlighting the importance of managing working capital as a priority for all managers.

This programme lends itself particularly well to customisation, and there is an option of an Application Project. This consists of delegates returning 6-8 weeks after the two-day course to present, in their teams, a project (which must be a real work-based project) to senior management, which will give a measurable financial benefit (as agreed). If correctly handled the project is highly motivational for the delegates as well as being very beneficial to the company, as it provides measurable results.

Business Finance for Senior Managers/Directors – 2 days Details

This programme looks at the subject very much from a strategic point of view, examining the factors that businesses have constantly to consider. Ideally, participants should have been on the Financial Facts of Life programme. The programme lends itself to customisation and also has the option of an Application Project.

Finance for Supervisors – 2 days  Details

This is aimed at supervisors and team leaders and is at a lower level than the Financial Facts of Life. It gets to grips with what people on the shop floor need to know. It covers the cost of quality as well as conformance and non-conformance. It also has the option of an Application Project.

The Role of the Company Director – 1 day Details

This one is usually only run as an open course. The idea is to make directors and potential directors aware of the duties and liabilities of directors as well as offering practical tips. My experience as a director of 2 PLCs, both in difficult circumstances, has given me a good insight. For directors, life is becoming more difficult by the minute.

Strategic Business Planning – 1 Day  Details

This programme also lends itself to customisation. I have always strongly believed that planning should be done at the sharp end, and the ability to forecast and plan effectively is one of the characteristics of successful companies.

Developing Business Strategy – 1 day Details

As planning is best done at the sharp end so is developing strategy. This programme customises itself, as the idea is that at the end of the day delegates will have actually developed a strategy or strategies of their own that they can deploy in the business. With the right mix of people this is a very powerful programme.


The overall objective is to motivate participants to improve the financial performance of themselves, their team, and the organisation as a whole. There are individual objectives for each programme, but the theme of all is to deal with each subject from a practical manager’s point of view. Participants will be able to use simple, but effective techniques to improve profitability, as well as finding the whole experience highly motivating.

Training Method

  • Instructor inputs
  • Structured reading
  • Case studies and exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Revision tests and quizzes
  • High degree of individual and team participation


As agreed with the client


Numbers are restricted to a limit of 12 on each course to ensure maximum participation

The Application Project option is strongly recommended.

One off tailored courses have included: Business Risk Management, Credit Control, Book-Keeping, Managing the Business.