The Financial Facts of Life


  •  Who uses Accounts
  •  The Business Cycle
  •  Accounting Principles

Basic Financial Information

  •  The Profit & Loss Account
  •  The Balance Sheet
  •  Return on Capital Employed


  •   Cost Classification
  •   Cost Behaviour
  •   Gross Margin
  •   Return on Sales
  •   Break Even
  •   Marginal Costing

Working Capital

  •   Stock
  •   Debtors
  •   Creditors
  •   The time value of money


  •   Forecasts and Budgets
  •   Cashflow Statements
  •   Budgetary Planning
  •   Budgetary Control
  •   Zero Based Budgeting
  •   Sensitivity Analysis

Investment Appraisal

  •   Return on investment
  •   Payback period
  •   Discounted cashflow

Interpretation of Financial Information

  •   Financial analysis
  •   Ratio Analysis
  •   The Limitation of Accounts

Pre & Post Course Quizzes; Revision Quizzes and Case Studies throughout


This programme aims to ensure that the participants on the programme will understand:

  • Basic financial reporting
  • The essentials elements of the Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet in relation to managing a business
  • The importance of cost control and cashflow management
  • The importance of controlling Working Capital
  • The impact of quality