The Role of the Company Director

One-Day Programme for Directors and aspiring Directors


  • The Memorandum of Association
  • The Articles of Association
  • The role of the director

Appointment of directors

  • First directors
  • Subsequent directors
  • Who can be a director
  • Register of directors
  • Retirement and removal of directors

Powers and limitations of directors

  • Powers
  • Limitations

Duties of directors

  • Introduction
  • Good faith
  • Skill and care
  • Competition and confidentiality
  • Ultra Vires
  • To whom duties are owed

Liabilities of directors

  • Introduction
  • Wrongful and fraudulent trading
  • Shadow director


  • General meetings
  • Board meetings

Service agreements

The Report and Accounts

  • Accounting principles
  • Reporting standards
  • Statutory accounts

The Competition and Enterprise Acts


This programme aims to ensure that the participants on the programme will understand:

  • What a company director is
  • The need to understand the company’s constitution
  • Duties and liabilities of a director
  • The importance of financial information

This programme has been designed as a practical guide for participants and to help them identify areas of the law that might impact on them in their role as a director.

The programme notes are not a legal textbook, nor are they a substitute for taking legal advice, and we accept no liability for any reliance on the information in the programme or notes, or for any errors or matters affected by changes in law.